Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Integrate WordPress Blog into CakePHP Application

Hello Friends,
I have worked on CakePHP application like Customer Relationship Management (CRM),Content Management Systems(CMS),Online bidding application and many more. After working on CakePHP application, Our company's head decided to make organization's website into CakePHP and assigned the project to me. It has not great functionality. Its a simple CMS website. But the concern is to use WordPress Blog along with CakePHP application as it is used for posting some business news.
For integrating blog along with CakePHP application, you can simply install blog in /blog directory inside main CakePHP directory. Now you just need to write couple of .htaccess rules which i had written below. Please find .htaccess file in main CakePHP folder(root).

RedirectMatch temp ^/blog/wp-admin$ http://www.example.com/blog/wp-admin/
RewriteRule blog$ /blog/ [L]
RewriteRule blog/wp-admin$ /blog/wp-admin/ [L]

If you find any problem in this than let me know by comment.


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